Monday, 23 December 2013

Pantry Cafe, Safa Park

Recently I went to the Pantry Cafe near Safa Park, a modern looking urbane space ideal for breakfast/lunch on a weekend afternoon. The location is quite fitting being so close to the beautiful green oasis that is Safa Park in the centre of Dubai.

Outdoor Seating

A distant view of the outdoor seating area
A view of the outside from the inside
We ate a mix of savoury and sweet dishes i.e. a healthy waffle and a hot crepe dish that came in delicious red sauce. I was fairly impressed with the quality and taste. Definitely one to go back to for the food and the ambiance.

Breakfast Goodness

Unique way to serve a crepe - with Red sauce, yum for savoury lovers

Bread/Pastry selection, slurp
The whole area- Al Wasl square is definitely a well kept secret for hangout/meal ideas in Dubai. Will be visiting and sharing my experience from lots of other interesting venues in the vicinity soon :)

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Review: Jones the Grocer

Hello all,

Sorry for no updates in a long time but there have been many changes in my life (for the better) and things have taken time to settle down.

So, a flurry of long due posts should follow this one.
Here, I am talking about Jones the Grocer, a European minimalist eatery technically located on (visible from) Sheikh Zayed Road.

Though it does not have the most exciting array of options for vegetarians, I think it makes for quite an ideal setting to meet with friends for a weekend brunch or just laze around with a newspaper.

The food is a combination of ready-made salads and small plates as well as an ala-carte menu. The drinks and desserts are also quite tasty. The place also has a very interesting “Cheese Room” and a delectable range of cooking materials to recreate the tastes at home.

All in all, a definite recommendation from DD :)
Exterior that seems to blend in

Chic Interiors, Excellent choice of ready meals
More Interiors

More Food