Monday, 21 April 2014

Rossa Mexicano

This may not be one of the restaurants that are most talked about at Dubai Mall, but just from a desire to try something different we stepped into Rossa Mexicano (opposite PF Changs, B1 level) a few days ago.
The bright interiors of the restaurant
The decor seemed a little too bright and maybe even tacky for our tastes but the food and the service more than made up for it.

So much so that we went to its other branch at Mirdiff City Centre just two days later. 
Wall water fall, replica of the larger version in Dubai Mall
Fresh Guacamole made in front of us.. perfect 'appetizer' to get your mouth salivating 

Perfect starter

Almost finished 2 minutes later ;)

Main course of Chimichanga and Fajita (with sweet potato filling)

Will have to get my Avocado fix after writing this post NOW :)

Monday, 7 April 2014

Dubai World Cup (Review)

WARNING: Picture Heavy post.

Dubai Horse Racing World Cup finale in my opinion is the big daddy of all glamorous events in Dubai. It puts Dubai in the league of big horse racing venues (that I am not fully aware of.. )

Before the day, I wasn't quite sure of what to expect so couldn't offer a run up to the event but I decided to at least present my experience after the event for you to know for next year. In short, it is a full day event from roughly 2 pm to way after midnight. The event included 9 races, a Jennifer Lopez concert and a whole lot of festivities and glamour.

The general view at the Apron Views sections

The main stands by nightfall - we suspect Sheikh Maktoum was seated in the top part

Wild and wonderful head pieces on the ladies
And the men

You have to give it to them for creativity - this hat one the Best Hat competition!

Viewing stands lit up for the night

Closing Ceremony presentation on the screens

To give an idea of the scale of the event

Panorama Picture during the closing ceremony fireworks


And more (Blue) fireworks

Presentation and fireworks :)

X shaped fireworks

Last one on fireworks :)