Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Fitness and Fun

I think we all identify with the common 'urban legend' associated with moving to Dubai and gaining weight faster than ever before until you have the time to breathe and notice. The reasons are many -
  • Sedentary lifestyle - 
A: "See you soon at Carrefour around the corner in 10 mins?”
B: “Around the corner? But how will I get there.. lets just meet at the one in Barsha, it will take me the same time to take a taxi and I will not have to walk!”
  • Eating out, a lot of us have the kitchen as the least used space in our houses
  • Work pressure, business travel, long work hours, living away from family, amazing choices make up for the rest
Let us try and not use any of the above as excuses for being unfit in Dubai though. While it has amazing food, Dubai also has great ways to keep fit. One of them is L’Atelier Aqua Fitness
The concept is similar to a Spin class but in water, making it harder to work your muscles against the resistance of water while also making it more fun.

To add to this, it is set in a convenient and posh location on Al Wasl road and offers state-of-the-art facilities indoors.

It does seem expensive for starters but the results are meant to be worth it. I have been going since two weeks so haven't been able to test it fully but have certainly enjoyed my experience. The only glitch I can think of is that it is only open to women. They do plan to open separate sessions for men soon though.

It was also very inspiring to meet the French owner,Karima. Way to go! :)

Slick Fitness Area

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