Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Funky Town Cafe: Parsi style Dining in Dubai

We were randomly in the mood to try something new for breakfast in the vicinity this weekend so ended up searching on Zomato by area.

We came across this novelty concept in JLT, it seemed fairly interesting and close enough to try.

We tried:
Gunpowder potatoes (4/10 - nothing new really)
Cheese Toast (Came on a soft bun or pav - 8/10, absolutely amazing)
Kurkuri Bhindi (5/10 - average)
Masala Chai (8/10 - pretty good for me as I am not a chai drinker since childhood)

The cafe has funky interiors that might make you nostalgic about Bandra. The Parsi owner has put some interesting heirlooms on display too. His personal attention is evident as we have seen him sitting on the sofa in the corner on two occasions :)

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