Monday, 20 April 2015

Meditation in Dubai

So yes, the all spoken about 'M' word.

It is mentioned so many times that it loses its intensity. Especially in Dubai the M would largely be for Materialistic pursuits. Meditation? Bah, who has the time!

I insist though:
M = Make Time

I am very new to meditating or really even listening to my thoughts. Paying attention to their effects on my body, on my external and internal reality is something I am still getting used to. Its started off with my husband looking for some activities, I decided to tag along and we ended up at Illuminations JLT. It was the introductory self-hypnosis course run by Soneeya. The investment was low and overall there was nothing to lose.

We sat in the free Self Hypnosis class in Sep 2014 and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The takeaway was to listen ones thoughts and feelings. We were taught about Affirmations. 

I took up an easy measurable affirmation and after 6/7 cycles of starting and breaking the flow in between, then restarting, I finally completed a full 21 day cycle in Feb 2015. I would say the effects were substantial. 

Since then we started following the Chakra series - held every two weeks on Wed evenings for 2 hours each. Our first session happened to be just my husband and me so we enjoyed the personal attention from our lovely coach Bharti Jatti Verma. 

She became our personal guide, mentor, shrink, hypnotherapist, friend and philosopher all rolled into one. We have taken a few personal sessions from here which we're expensive for sure but well worth it. 

Strongly recommended to anyone with a need to get rid of baggage in life, resolving emotional blockages, gaining strength and grounding = basically all of us. 

Live Light! (as their logo says)

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