Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Rujuta Diwekar: Books

I learnt about the phenomenon that Rujuta is from a Facebook like from a friend around July 2015. I instantly got pulled in as I saw a young lady in great shape just after delivering a baby and eating laddoos and ghee! This promised to be different if nothing else.

I looked into her philosophy and got to know about her books. I bought Don't Lose your Mind, Lose your Weight. When I read it, I seemed to agree with each and every word in the book and the space in between. There was no piece on nutrition or wellness that has touched me the way this did. 

It had a profound impact to the extent that I then read her next two books. Iv been recommending Women and the Weight Loss Tamasha to anyone who cares to listen since then. 

In all this, I was of course trying to apply the principles to my own lifestyle and didn't know where to start. As you know from the blog, I've struggled with weight issues since about three years. More than the physical or aesthetic aspect of it , I think it's affected my confidence and send worth the most. 

I am contemplating making the big investment of taking the private consultation to know really where am I going wrong. Will keep the diary updated here :)

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