Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Re-cycle your Clothes

A few months ago, I went to the Emirates Towers recently for a lovely event called My Ex Wardrobe at the Ivy.

It is an enterprise started by three friends from the UK. I received the recommendation to go to the event from a friend and I thought why not give it a go. Since I have moved to Dubai, I have been so busy with the chores (and fun) associated with moving that I haven’t really been able to experience Dubai life in this way.

Emirates Towers firstly, is an impressive venue. The inspiring entrepreneurs had hired a function room as part of the Ivy (a British style pub) for the event.

The beauty lies in the concept being so simple yet profitable by the looks of it! The company accepts used clothes from sellers like you and me, it doesn’t pay anything upfront but provides you with a majority percentage of the earnings from any sale of your items. I was impressed and inspired by the power of a simple idea. They made a nice event out of it with free massage and pedicure services.

So all you ladies (and men- equality bleh) struggling to dodge and duck the stacks of clothes tumbling down every time you open your wardrobe, get ready to give some of it up and the best part- also earn out of it!

On the flipside, those looking for bargains on designer-wear which you know you won’t wear more than twice (or once!) in your life, get yourself to the next event!

Win-win :)

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