Tuesday, 1 October 2013

And Let Us Begin :D

Welcome, Bienvenue, Ahlan, Sawasdee, Namaste to all of you, A very big welcome to all of you on my journey of making Dubai my home.

Introductions first - I am from Delhi, have lived in UK for a few years and before moving to Dubai now. I work in my dream company and enjoy life on the side.

It has been a year since I am in Dubai now and I am absolutely loving it! I believe it really offers the best of East and West.

The name of the blog Dubai Doodles means to set the tone right - casual and fun. Look forward to sharing my experiences in the city relating to food, culture, events and the mundane with you all.

P.S.: A small but important disclaimer, I write about products/ shops/ restaurants in this blog purely for the joy of making good recommendations and do not receive any freebies/publicity fees to do so.

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