Friday, 31 January 2014

Review: Mamma Mia, Dubai Marina

I have hardly been able to start exploring amongst the long list of eating out options available in Dubai. Even though I am vegetarian, I do enjoy tasting new things and as you can tell- reviewing them.

I recently tried Mamma Mia Restaurant in Marina. The decor was very strikingly plain but beautiful. The service was quick and friendly. We ordered a Margarita pizza and our friend ordered a couple of pasta dishes. We believe that a simple Margarita gives away the real depth of an Italian Restaurant and is the best way to compare them against one another.

They brought the pizza out on a stand-alone wooden pedestal which was reachable only to people on that side of the table so full marks for presentation and novelty but no score for practicality. The pizza and the pastas were average taste wise. The pasta dishes were particularly unsatisfactory as our friend had asked for the chef to add more spices while the pasta dish came absolutely bland.

Another one to enjoy for its ambiance and decor but probably won’t go back to it for the food.

Beautiful decor

funky Menu

Pizza on a Pedestal

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  1. As you is the pictures but not the taste of food!!


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