Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Culture in Dubai, Part (2)

As mentioned before, I feel that there is a lot of activity going on the cultural spectrum in Dubai - one just has to have the right eye and the will to make an effort.

Recently in December, we attended two music shows on subsequent days: the first one was of the Pakistani superstar - Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and the second one of Pt. Jasraj - the Indian classical music legend.

We enjoyed both the shows a lot but the two shows were the extreme ends of the spectrum when it came to organisation and class. Whereas Rahat's show was immensely entertaining but also fairly commercialised, not true to the qualities set by his forefathers in my opinion. He blizted through all his famous songs at jet-speed not giving the compositions time to settle into the minds of the audience. To add to that, there was a gross mis-communication from the organisers in printing the wrong time on the tickets which meant most people waited for the show to start for more than 3 hours! Also, is anyone else disappointed by the accoustics and quality of the venue at World Trade Centre?

On the other hand, Pt. Jasraj's performance was the show-case of Indian classical music with most of the audience there to appreciate his puritanical style. The performance was a treat to watch also because of the teacher-student style that he follows even on the stage. The audience received him very well and he sang his usual gems. Pt. Jasraj has never disappointed his audiences before and he did not this time either. Kudos to the organisers, for conceptualising this lovely series of concerts this year and can't wait for the schedule for next yea to be announced.

The maestro himself

The legend in action

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