Monday, 19 May 2014

Best Cookies in the World!

I swear I haven't been paid (in cash or cookies) to say this sadly, but the cookies at Ben's Cookies are the BEST that you will have anywhere in the world. You will agree with me as soon as you try it, especially if you are lucky enough to find them hot from the oven at the counter.

Ben's cookies counter, opposite PF Chang, B1 Level, Dubai Mall
 I know this brand from Covent Garden in London and saw its slow and steady expansion to other locations in London and then to other cities. The first other city I saw it in was Bath and I remember exclaiming with pure glee to see the all-too-familiar Red board and smell the delectable cookies.

It would have definitely been one big food brand I would have missed when I moved to Dubai but alas! I had to look no further than Dubai Mall!

No caption required except SLURPPPPP :p

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