Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Weight Loss Part 2

Welcome to Weight Loss update, Week 2.

Last week was both easy and hard in different ways. It was easier from the work angle as most people were still on holiday, it was easier to stick to my own schedule and plan fitness around it. Getting into a routine of everyday fitness was much harder though.

This was followed by a cheat weekend when Friday I needed a break after a heavy week and Saturday just flew by visiting Ikea and the likes. Hopefully, all the walking, standing, even thinking must have contributed to some calorie burn ;)

This week has been hard and hard as my schedule at work had become more hectic and commitment is harder to keep in the second week. Nevertheless I am keeping up.

A short roundup of my fitness exercise/classes last week:

1. Sunday - Cardio and Leg exercises in the building gym

2. Monday - RPM class at Corefit, Dubai Marina (Read the review here)

3. Tuesday - Cardio and Abs exercise in the building gym

4. Wednesday - Zumba at Corefit, Club Mina (Read the review here)

5. Thursday- Cardio Aqua Biking at L'atelier Aqua Fitness (Read the review here)

6. Friday- Rest day

7. Saturday- Cheat day

One of the reasons I am blogging about my journey is so that I document my honest struggles and triumphs which I hope will help many of you out there with the same constraints and a busy lifestyle like me.
Also point 7 above is not something that I am proud to write online at the moment and will strive hard to change following week.

Until then: Stay Determined, Stay Fit!!

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