Monday, 24 November 2014

Weight Loss Part 3

Hello Readers,

There has been a long gap since I wrote last and that is because of a combination of factors -

  • A constant barrage of visitors which is very common for us in Dubai
  • Demotivation due to reaching a flat plateau in my weight loss journey - not helped by pressure put by the lovely doctors in Dubai
  • An impending kitchen renovation which is in a constant work in progress state but should end very soon. I will do a separate post on it as I found a big gap in information available online

Bon, I got back to fitness with a vengeance 3 weeks ago and have found two new amazing cost free ways of exercising! Mainly influenced by the lovely Vivianna (I love her blog and youtube channel, makes me want to move back to London absolutely now!)

The first is to just put on my trainers and go for a nice long 'run'. I say 'run' since I am so bad at this that it is more like a walk than a run but I do mix it up with jogging and stretch myself to achieve more every time. I am so new to it that I am still figuring out the best way to train my breath while running. I am looking for a good playlist and armbands etc. I will report back on how I fare in a few weeks.

The second is home fitness and again I am heavily influenced by some bloggers/websites such as BlogilatesFashercise, and Yoga with Adriene. This basically involves mixing up some Cardio HIIT/ Pilates/Yoga exercises. These websites either have a calendar that you can follow or a selection of videos organised by focus area or time. They inspire in general towards a clean, fit lifestyle and I love the way I feel. Also they leave no excuses for not working out or not having enough time.

The way I fit these in my schedule is by waking up an hour earlier than usual and getting about 30-45 minutes in the morning. I follow this up with a short meditation and bam, I am ready for the day!!

Let me know if you guys have more recommendations for fitness inspiration/morning fitness ideas or any other feedback :)

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