Thursday, 11 December 2014

Kitchen Renovation in Dubai - Part 1 - Where to Start?

So... I will be doing an "x" part series on our kitchen renovation in our flat in Dubai.The process has been so complex and long winded that I hope my posts will help other expats here who have no clue about any word in this post's title. The "x" is also deliberate as I do not want to commit to a certain number of posts, I prefer to pour my heart out with recommendations for your benefit.

Let us first start with the very basic of questions, do you know what you want?

A lot of us are first time home owners and we might or might not have a defined sense of style. What I find is when I see other people's houses, I generally like a lot of different options but when it comes to my own, I am fairly choosy. I am choosy and unaware of my own sense of style - double whammy.

To hone into this, I went on an extensive web trawling path going through Pinterest and Houzz. As you see more photos, you will start narrowing the options of what you would like to have in your own house.Pin some photos, make a mood board and then narrow these options further. In the end, we found the exact combination of scandinavian + industrial design that was easy to then follow.

Note of caution though: I assume you are fairly interested in interior decor to go through this hassle and this web trawling will suck you in without a warning! Every time you see a beautiful photo on Pinterest, you will be led to a blog post and then another and another - be prepared to devote that time at this stage.

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