Thursday, 18 February 2016

Dubai Gynaecologists: The Best and The Worst

Before I start writing anything here, I would like to clearly state that these are my personal views from my personal experiences and not meant to affect anyone or their medical practice in any way.

In the last two years, I have had many experiences with the local gynecologists. I know many friends who still prefer to go back to India but I am always one for finding the best local talent. It is not only more accessible and affordable but also more reassuring. I know that I can hop in the car for 30 mins and get advise instead of booking an expensive flight ticket.

My quest started at Ibn Batuta Mediclinic, simple the closest option from home and on the way to work. The India gynecologist was the first one to tell me I had PCOD and that it is hereditary. She gave me medicines and asked some rude questions about my personal life before ending with -"don't go to anyone else! Keep coming to see me". This was a sure shot red flag for me and I booked a second opinion the next day.

Next, I went to Union Medical Centre in Burjuman to an old, experienced Indian gynecologist from a friend's recommendation. It was a bit far but I thought everything is worthwhile for good advise. The lady confirmed my PCOD and started with the weight theory. On not finding any other reasons to pin it down on, the reason was made to be my weight gain. I was over-weight and had to lose it asap. Diet and exercise was the only way ahead but she had nothing to say for advise on how. Again, I came with more medicines.

I took the medicines for 2 months and growing tired of being dependent on it, I scoured the pages of and booked with seemingly the most popular name at Medcare Hospirtal, Al Safa. Same drill again about the weight and diet/exercise. By this time I had a very good diet and exercise routine. I tried to communicate the same but was shush-ed - "no excuses please, beta". Ugh, time to leave.

I left the medicines after this appointment and started observing changes only on the basis of lifestyle modifications. I became very regular with my fitness and regulated my diet even more. Again from expatwoman, I found a German doctor in Al Wasl - Dr Andrea Farhat. When I saw her, she banished the idea of PCOD and me being a problem case. She said to continue exercising and that she wouldn't even mention PCOD to me if I had seen her first. Breath of fresh air. I was with her for about a year after which I faced some problems in reaching her for small questions.

On recommendations, I went to another senior Indian lady at Al Zahra, Dubai. I thought to find someone in a hospital nearby is always better. She came highly recommended. This was the worst appointment ever I think. The lady again told me that I had a big weight problem and that she didn't want to see any infertility cases but that's all she seems to be getting. Oh my, she called me an infertility case, without me even going down that route. She recommended more vitamins and put me back on the medicines. She said, "if you don't take these, no need to come back to me". Well, I have never gone back and don't understand why so many of my friends agree to tolerate this behaviour.

Again on the lookout for someone I can really trust, I started asking friends and on expatwoman again. I got the recommendation for Dr. Khaled Kouteich repeatedly. He sat at Armada Medical Centre, JLT at that point. I had some reservations about going to a male gynecologist but got over it and went to see him. He was so positive when I saw him and since then. He is fully reachable on whatsapp and phone, encourages to keep in touch in fact. His positivity really affected me and my body I guess and I am free of PCOD now :)

Get a good doctor ladies, invest in that time and effort before popping the pills.

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