Friday, 15 January 2016

Review: Physique 57

Around June 2015, I went in for a free trial class at Physique 57 (Citywalk). I didn't know what to expect from a "Barre" class. They kept saying it was based on Ballet but having no ballet in my background I still went to try it purely as a new form of fitness.

I really enjoyed the class which is a 57 minute long workout. It is divided into sections, generally started with thighs - assisted dips and lunges with or without the balls on the side-bars. It moves on to abs and arms then a second set of legs and then ends with hips and glutes.

I signed up for 10 classes in Jun at 10% off but then had my personal trainer sessions, then the Bharat Thakur yoga (still question myself, why?!) so this got pushed until Nov. Though I couldn't quite explain this to my dietitian coach Somya, I included the classes into my schedule and finished the sessions in a rush.

I did a mix of classes at Al Thanya and Citywalk. The classes are a really good workout with great energy. Good option for those living in these areas.

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