Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Desi Nights Dubai

I am a complete Bollywood fan when it comes to dancing. Especially since I do not drink alcohol, I need groovy music that I can identify with. Also since there is no automatic 'letting go' or forced 'relaxation' brought on by The Spirit, I like to find places with music that I personally enjoy and give in to.

Desi/Bollywood nights are perfect for me in this case and I have found a few good ones around Dubai depending on the day of the week.

Thursday: Aks night at Boudoir - Dubai Marine Beach Resort and Spa, Jumeirah Road

I first went to Boudoir in Feb 2015 with a bunch of dance-loving girls. It was also the night when Sushmita Sen (Ex Miss India and Miss Universe) was expected at the venue. I found out later that one of my Portuguese friends from work was there at the same time and he had a great time too. This is from someone who doesn't understand a word of Hindi. In his words, "Its always a fun night when the people around you are having so much fun"

Friday: Crystal Club, Raffles Dubai (near Wafi)

This has been one of my most recent discoveries. I went again with the same group of girlfriends and had a super amazing time. In terms of music, for me this rated higher than Boudoir. This is also the place where two of my friends met for the first time on Halloween 2014, they are set to marry this Dec :) So if nothing else, you might just bump into your Mr. Right in this amazing venue at the  top of the Pyramidal Raffles, with great views in the backgroun

All Days (I  think): Pulse, Oud Metha

This is one of the typical clubs that you would imagine in Bur Dubai. The crowd is so-so. Even though they don't advertise Desi night everyday. It has always been so every time I have gone. I was first aware of this club from hearing their music live on City 101.6 on Friday nights. Since then, my husband and I have gone alone a few times and then also with friends and always had a great time. The music can be a bit hit and miss though

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