Thursday, 30 June 2016

Personal Trainer Dubai 2016 (update)

So I have written about my experience with a personal trainer previously and it continues to be a well read post here on the blog.

Recently I have had a knee surgery as you all also know from a previous post. I did get some physiotherapy sessions but I was keen to take control and get back to a better fitness level that I had ever been at.

In my search, I found Miss Fitness - a company dedicated to women's fitness training. Through the company, I found my angel trainer Nevena Bozec. Even though I knew what to expect from PT sessions before, this was totally different from my experience.

She was so  patient, understanding and knowledgeable on the modifications I needed that by End of June I could really notice a difference in my physique. I will leave this post short and end with the self explanatory pictures below:



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