Friday, 6 November 2015

Rujuta Diwekar: During

So I decided to take the plunge today, the price was quite high at ~AED 5,000 for two months for personal nutrition coaching with Rujuta's team member.

Since my Isha Inner Engineering homework just ended today, I decided to start with this immediately after.

It started a few days ago with me filling out an excel sheet with my measurements, background and other details. Also with all food that I ate for 3 days (combination of weekdays and weekend).

I was put in touch with my nutritionist - Somya and started with an hour long Skype conversation about my food habits and changes I need to make. Her precription seems quite easy to follow. Below is an example.

My main concerns and the reason that helped me justify this huge investment were:

  • Personalised for my situation - living with husband outside India, with minimal domestic help, cooking by self
  • Tight schedule with full time work, kathak dance and workouts
  • Despite high levels of determination, something wasn't working since two years and I want to make it work before 2016!

Note: This is built keeping my background, diet and routine in mind.

Teaser of what I am aiming at

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