Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Review: Bharat Thakur Yoga

After having my personal trainer for a few months, I was up for a change. I was paying a lot for something I thought I could do myself at that point. I am always one for changing up my fitness routine anyway.

I thought, I should bring the horses closer to home and try yoga. The most marketed classes in these parts of the world is Bharat Thakur Yoga. I checked the schedule, they had some mildly convenient options. My mother was around at that time, I took her to a morning class with me to Tecom.

It was a weight-loss class so was quite intense with multiple surya namaskars and intense cardio. My mom couldn't do it all but she was observing happily. I was suprisingly okay with a lot of the exercises.

It was a fun class with Shreyas, a young male teacher. It was impressive to see a young teacher dedicated to yoga which one doesn't see so often. I didn't know at that time but the classes are ALWAYS on offer. I got pushed into committing to 3 months of classes for AED 1,400 (3 times a week) at the Tecom centre. The only downside was that the centres don't have showers (!), so I had to drive from Marina to Tecom and then back to Marina after the class. I would get ready and then drive to Bur Dubai!

I thought I could do it and was all set to finally lose the extra weight! I went to the Tecom class next week and guess what, the teacher was different! It was a girl who had just learnt yoga for 2 months and now become a teacher. She had no sensitivity to the student's needs. I thought I will give her a second chance but the second class was even worse.

I was losing my patience for doing the morning driving routine plus tolerating a bad teacher. I called the centre and asked them to change my centre to Bur Dubai which was closer to work and had showers. They gave me a lot of grief and then I decided to review them honsetly on Facebook. Things changed after this and how :p

The regional CEO called me and gave a one hour long sales pitch. In the end my centre was changed. The teacher at this centre was Gurpreet Singh, who I knew from previous classes in Marina anyway. He was a very cool, friendly teacher.

I did the classes for 2.5 months regularly before started with Rujuta. Meanwhile, we had been to Coimbatore and learnt to do surya namaskar in detail and slowly like it should be done. I was completely put off the classes now and left.

Since then, I get a lot of messages about renewing memberships or new offers but their numbers are blocked on my phone.

I would not suggest these classes to anyone, wherever they may be held.

Royal Ascot Hotel, Bur Dubai center

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